Josh and Connie

finally getting hitched on August 3, 2008

The Therapy Session (or the ramblings of a neurotic with low self-esteem) March 13, 2008

Filed under: bitching — lemontangos @ 10:42 pm

So the engagement photo session with our wedding photographer, Spencer Lum of 5West, is tomorrow. Am I ready? Sort of, I guess.

How does one prepare to be in front of a camera for a few hours and feel confident? Therapy. Lots of therapy. Ha ha, I’m only half kidding. I’ve got a hair appointment tomorrow morning at Salon Opus for a wash, trim, and blow out and a makeup consultation. Hopefully that’ll help fix this package a little. I resisted the temptation to buy a new outfit, but I remain unconvinced that I own anything engagement photo-y, or engagement photo-esque. All of my clothes these days are office appropriate, which basically means I look like a secretary everyday, and I was hoping for something with a bit more umpf. Something a little sexier? Can I learn how to walk in 4″ heels by tomorrow? Probably not.

I hate the way I look in pictures with glasses on, so I met with my opthalmologist a month and a half ago and got a pair of trial contacts. I was her last patient of the night, so she didn’t even attempt to help me learn how to put them on myself. I’m still trying, but I’ve basically given up. On that front, I think I’m a lost cause.

Josh is all set tomorrow, the lucky bastard. Pants, shirt, tie, $15 hair cut, and he’s good to go. Me? I’m a blubbering mess and Josh so lovingly pointed out just now that I have a festering pimple on my chin. Awesome. [It’s really not that big. It’s just Connie practically never gets any facial blemishes. (This last sentence was inserted unbeknownst to Connie by Josh)]

Sigh. I didn’t realize I’d feel so ill about this photo session. I went out to lunch today with an editor from work and a New York Times reporter to discuss book ideas and I felt less nervous about that than this photo session.

Excuse the rant. I have no doubt that Spencer will do a fantastic job. It’s just me that I’m worried about.


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