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finally getting hitched on August 3, 2008

Overheard in Long Island, NY March 14, 2008

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Since I was too exhausted to recount this tale yesterday, I shall indulge myself today:

Scene: Salon Opus, East Williston Park, Long Island. It’s engagement photo day and I’m getting a complete overhaul to become photo ready.

Characters: My Stylist, Other Stylist, Receptionist, and me.

My Stylist: [mid-conversation] …and this kind of cut will lighten your hair for the blow out, which will look great in the pictures.

[Other Stylist is working on another client in the bench to my right.]

Other Stylist: Pictchas? Are you taking your school pictchas today?

Me: My school pictures!? Umm, no. I’m taking my engagement pictures today. [Casually flash ring at Other Stylist.]

Receptionist: [walking by] Yau’re gettin’ maaarried!? Yau’re too young to get married! Why don’tcha wait a little longer, you look like yau’re still in high school.

Me: [sighing deeply] No, I’m actually not that young. I’m 27.

Receptionist: Damn, yau’re olda than me?

Me: How old are you?

Receptionist: I’m 25.

Me: [deep sigh]


One Response to “Overheard in Long Island, NY”

  1. Amanda Says:

    It’s better to look too young to get married, then too old to be single!!

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