Josh and Connie

finally getting hitched on August 3, 2008

Flowers by Brian vs. the Fox Hollow Florist April 6, 2008

It’s Celebrity Deathmatch, the floral edition! We talked with our reception site’s house florist and a competitor, Flowers by Brian about centerpieces for our reception. Richard at Fox Hollow and Cindi and Flowers by Brian were terrific, but Cindi took an early lead in the match when she gave me this sample bouquet of green berries, white hydrangea, and an ivory and jade rose to show me some color options:

The sample bouquet from Cindi

Cindi introduced me to this naturally green rose which I completely fell in love with:

jade rose

So far Flowers by Brian is in the lead: 1-0

We set up an appointment to view a sample tall table arrangement with Flowers by Brian, and this is what they produced–ivory roses, green hydrangea, and white wex flowers atop a tall clear vase with a white submerged orchid (Note: NO baby’s breath present, by pain of death):

Ivory roses, green hydrangea, and white wex flowers atop a tall clear vase with a submerged white orchid.

OOOOOHHHHH! I was tempted to sign the contract then and there, but Josh and I at least wanted to see a sample from Fox Hollow before we cut open another vein.

We told Richard that we wanted flowering branches–because we thought that it would reduce our flower costs–and we liked the idea of cut limes in a tall clear vase. Flowers by Brian told us honestly that it wouldn’t fit into our budget if they were to do it well, especially since orchids need to be wired to willow branches for a wedding in August. D’oh. Anyway, Richard said our vision would be possible within our budget and this is what he produced for our samples: green orchids wired to branches and ivory roses and hydrangeas:

When Richard presented this to us, I could have sworn I heard the sound a balloon deflating. Granted, the two short centerpieces alongside the tall one looks pretty cool, but it would only be one teeny tiny short one or the very limp looking tall one on each table, in an alternating pattern.  I guess you get what you pay for.

Ding ding ding! Game over, Flowers by Brian WINS (2-0)!!!


Progress Report: Part I (the place) February 2, 2008

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OK, so Saturdays seem to be my day to freak out about how much is left to be done. I think it’s high time I took a moment to assess what we’ve accomplished so far…

The Ceremony and Reception:

Josh and I will be getting married at the church I grew up attending–Our Lady of Lourdes. I’ve completed all the good Catholic sacraments at this church, and now it’s time for marriage!

We booked our reception hall back in March 2007 (for an August 2008 wedding), and even then I was freaking out that we waited too long. (Admittedly, I am a worry wart, but we’re also competing against Long Island brides who’ve been booking vendors for their wedding since I was in college.) It was love at first sight when I saw this room:

Garden Terrace

Shortly after the tour, I cut open a vein and signed a contract:

Me at Fox Hollow

That’s me, holding up a very expensive piece of paper. The glow around my face is part fireplace and sunlight, and part Cloud 9.