Josh and Connie

finally getting hitched on August 3, 2008

My Mommy’s Dress April 6, 2008

Like me, my mom has some body issues and kept putting off the search for her dress until the last moment. I’m so glad I convinced her to look for a dress and I’m even more glad she found one that she loved.

Unfortunately, the first she really liked was a discontinued style. Cool neckline, though:

After several more tries, this was the winner. We ordered it in a light green. Hurray, Mommy!


Catching up…

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with wedding posting today!


Admissions of a Blogophobic Groom… March 4, 2008

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Everybody, i.e. all of this blog’s faithful readers, must have been wondering why the Groom to be has been incognito. Connie is not a modern day Walter Mitty/Billy Liar. I do exist, as some of you can actually attest to meeting me. There are a few reasons that I’ve been an absentee bloglord…

1. I’m not too confident in my writing skills.

2. I’m a ridiculously private person who often has difficulty talking to people I see on a day to day basis. Ask Connie.

3. I don’t want to write anything that might jeopardize my standing as a great boyfriend. Connie might read one of these and realize she’s actually marrying an utter buffoon.

4. I’m trying to minimize the amount of non-job search related stuff that I do online. I’m a goldfish when it comes to being easily distracted. Damn you internets!!!

Anyway, I’m here now and my presence will be a lot more visible. I hope we can bring a smile to your faces as you peer in on us ambling madly toward wedded bliss.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! February 14, 2008

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Josh and I agreed not to spend any money on Valentine’s Day this year since we are already making the ultimate gesture of love in August. A pricey one, I might add.

When I came into work this morning three totally awesome Doctor Who valentines were on my desk from the completely thoughtful and wonderful Ellen. My favorite said that I was “Dalek-table.”

I really wish I took the time to make special valentines this year. Of course, part of the problem is that my bank account has about $11.82 in it right now and we don’t get paid until tomorrow. D’oh!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Next year you’ll be receiving fancy gocco’d V-Day cards!


A Kleinfeld blowout sample sale? February 2, 2008

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Ooh.  Ooh ooh.  Ooh ooh ooh!  Up to 70% off on gowns and accessories?  Ok, so I’m not going to freak out and wish that I waited to buy my dress because 1) A “sample” sale means that they’re selling the samples that brides try on.  2) THE DRESS I tried on, loved, and bought fit, but it wasn’t perfect.  3) I’d rather have a virgin dress that no one else has had their paws on and is a perfect fit.

I still need shoes, a headpiece, and a purse.  Perhaps I’ll skip out of work early and make a trip!


Why are my images disappearing?

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Ok, so I just noticed that the photos I’ve been putting on the blog so far are disappearing.  They’re there one day, and then gone the next.  #$%^&#$%!!!!  Alright, please forgive the technical difficulties, the photos are coming back, even if I have to hold them up myself!


Hello internets January 26, 2008

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Reasons for the long silence:

  • Had I known that my laptop was on its last gasp, I would have signed a DNR for the poor thing and at least prevented its Terry Schiavo-like death at the hands of Geek Squad.  I basically had no computer for 4 months.  Oh well, I’m now typing on a schmancy new MacBook Pro!
  • Did I mention I got promoted in August?  Yeah, totally exciting, until the moment that I realized working for three editors means a shit load of shit to do.
  • A crap load of TV and videogames (Guitar Hero 3; The Wire; Veronica Mars; House; Friday Night Lights; Battlestar Galactica; Firefly; Doctor Who; Katamari Damacy….).  Tsk tsk, I know.

Ok, so the clock is ticking, but Josh and I are going to whip this wedding into shape.  Folks interested in the latest and greatest of wedding developments, please stay tuned here.