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finally getting hitched on August 3, 2008

Flowers by Brian vs. the Fox Hollow Florist April 6, 2008

It’s Celebrity Deathmatch, the floral edition! We talked with our reception site’s house florist and a competitor, Flowers by Brian about centerpieces for our reception. Richard at Fox Hollow and Cindi and Flowers by Brian were terrific, but Cindi took an early lead in the match when she gave me this sample bouquet of green berries, white hydrangea, and an ivory and jade rose to show me some color options:

The sample bouquet from Cindi

Cindi introduced me to this naturally green rose which I completely fell in love with:

jade rose

So far Flowers by Brian is in the lead: 1-0

We set up an appointment to view a sample tall table arrangement with Flowers by Brian, and this is what they produced–ivory roses, green hydrangea, and white wex flowers atop a tall clear vase with a white submerged orchid (Note: NO baby’s breath present, by pain of death):

Ivory roses, green hydrangea, and white wex flowers atop a tall clear vase with a submerged white orchid.

OOOOOHHHHH! I was tempted to sign the contract then and there, but Josh and I at least wanted to see a sample from Fox Hollow before we cut open another vein.

We told Richard that we wanted flowering branches–because we thought that it would reduce our flower costs–and we liked the idea of cut limes in a tall clear vase. Flowers by Brian told us honestly that it wouldn’t fit into our budget if they were to do it well, especially since orchids need to be wired to willow branches for a wedding in August. D’oh. Anyway, Richard said our vision would be possible within our budget and this is what he produced for our samples: green orchids wired to branches and ivory roses and hydrangeas:

When Richard presented this to us, I could have sworn I heard the sound a balloon deflating. Granted, the two short centerpieces alongside the tall one looks pretty cool, but it would only be one teeny tiny short one or the very limp looking tall one on each table, in an alternating pattern.  I guess you get what you pay for.

Ding ding ding! Game over, Flowers by Brian WINS (2-0)!!!


Flowers, flowers, flowers February 24, 2008

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I thought the flowers would be the easiest part of the whole wedding planning process because I really didn’t care what they looked like. Stick some dandelions in pot and call it a day. Voila! Stupid, naive Connie.

Stop #1: Fox Hollow’s house florist. Richard, the florist, was extremely friendly and patient with my complete and utter floral ignorance. Josh and I looked through books of pretty bouquets and centerpieces and we discovered that we have completely opposite taste in flowers. How is this possible? From the boy who spent years wooing me with dozens and dozens of roses? We ended up settling on a centerpiece arrangement of tall glass vases filled with sliced limes and star fruit, with tall flowering branches (bald willow branches with white orchids wired on) and some hydrangeas, or another flower, in the base. Richard crunched some numbers and presented us with the total. Eyes bulged, gag reflex activated. Richard told us to give it some thought, shop around, and call him with questions. He was oddly assured that we’d come crawling back to him…and he was right.


Stop #2: Pedestals Florist. I did more research, boned up my floral vocabulary, tore pictures out of magazines, and printed photos from Oh, what a waste of time. As soon as we drove up to the store–which looked like a car dealership–Josh’s first comment to me was, “Why the hell did you let me wear a hooded sweatshirt and jeans!? Shit, I don’t even have a normal sweater here.” My response, “What am I supposed to tell you? ‘Josh, can you please change your entire wardrobe before our Pedestals appointment.?'” (Of course, anyone who’s ever seen Josh knows that his wardrobe consists of three things: hooded sweatshirts, carpenter jeans, and Threadless t-shirts.) Oh hell, we thought. They’re the ones providing us with a service, so who are we supposed to impress? We walked into a flora and fauna wonderland, underneath of a chuppah dripping with cream roses. Huge, huge centerpieces a plenty here. We met with a lovely lady–big nails, hairspray, Long Island accent (coffee=cawfee)–who listened carefully to my newfound love of stephanotis and light green cymbidium orchids.

cymbidium orchids

After the courting period, she dropped the big number. Once again, eyes bulged and gag reflex activated. I think that was the moment we realized we weren’t going to get any better than Richard. Oh how Richard knew we’d come crawling back. We told the lovely lady that this was significantly outside of our budget. She feigned sympathetic as best she could and then shuffled us out of her office, quick as can be. Nice.

Stop #3: Flowers by Brian. We devised a new tactic: “Say hello and ask if you can do a wedding for under $X,XXX.” This way, we won’t waste anyone’s time and we might prevent the out of office shuffle. We walked into a showroom that was a lot less car dealership than Pedestals. Good sign, we thought. A giant arrangement of flowering pear branches sprinkled with long-stemmed white tulips, a top a bed of white hydrangeas, inside a tall, clear glass vase filled with submerged white orchids stared me in the face. I was in love, until I discovered that arrangement was $300/table. Yikes! At any rate, Cindy was sincerely nice and worked to keep the bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, and church arrangements within our budget. She introduced me to my two new loves–green berries and jade green roses–and even made me a little arrangement of sample flowers to take home. I only wish her quote was cheaper than Richard’s because I really liked her and she gave me pretty flowers.

(I’d include a photo if I could figure out how to use my trial version of Aperture!)

In the end, I think we’ll be following our pockets and going with Richard.